Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

Michael Azrikan, a Digital Campaign Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud for Oracle has published a short study how personalization and relevance come together to make lead generation campaign more robust and successful. Marketing automation strategy can help garner better results.

Content is important in driving sales and most of customers found custom content useful.There are 3 main points that make content drives leads:

The first one is personalization. It along with relevance helps make the content something the audience can use or take something of value away from. The next one is strong creative, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand layout. Last, but not least – you should make it as simple as possible and avoiding overly complicated ways of engaging with the content.

To get the content reach its intended audience you use marketing automation. It is helpful for collecting actionable data, that translate into higher quality of marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Sophisticated tools allow marketing and sales to set a wide range of criteria on which to evaluate and score leads. The better the data, the better chance marketing has of sending a more qualified lead to sales.

These tools also allow teams to calibrate the filters to allow just the right amount of leads to get delivered into the sales workflow. Automation is also key to delivering these leads into a CRM for sales as quickly as possible. Lastly, marketing automation can provide sales with insights on all of the customer touchpoints and exactly what content they engaged with in order to ensure their conversation is relevant when the timing is right.

How marketing automation delivers content that generates leads

Michael describes that marketing automation tool can help reach out to prospects and customers with several channels and assets, like email campaigns, landing pages, or testing and optimization. Usage of email campaign or landing pages is quite obvious. But what is worth to be mentioned are chatbots. They help visitors navigate around the site and help make their queries. Generally the more chatbots interact with visitors, the more intelligence gets generated, which in turn can help enhance both the experience on your site and give you insights into your website visitors and the content that interests them.

Marketing automation can help lead generating customers in many ways. It replaces many manual processes, make user footprints collectable to identify the best leads. Finally it help to engage users with your most relevant and valuable content. Marketing automation platforms brings efficiency and speed.

You can read a full story here.

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