Lotame DMP

Lotame’s data management platform (DMP) enables you to collect 1st-party data from all digital sources, websites, apps, social, email, CRM, search, get one holistic view of consumers, and deliver more relevant content, or products in real time. You use data to create audience segments inside the DMP, by selecting the specific demographics, interests and actions you want to target against. You can cross-analyse your 1st party data with 3rd party data to get more insights about your customers. Analytics tools enable you to uncover new insights into both the audience segments you create and the people who engage with your content or campaigns.

Audience builder

Audience builder is called Lotame LAB. You are able to mix and match data from any source to create the final audience. You can combine lookalike modeling to find or your ideal customer.

Data Activation

Data activation module, called Lotame Connect, allows to send data anywhere throughout ready to use integrations and APIs.

Data Analytics

Analytics module gives you attributes and behaviours associated with consumers on the path to purchase, and transform those learnings into optimized custom targeting segments.

About DMP

DMP enables targeting the right consumers at the right time and improves the marketing efforts and simply saves millions on media budgets.

Data updated: May 2021


Pricing: upon request
Pricing model: Paid
Free / trial option: no


Vendor: Lotame Solutions, Inc.
Founded: 2006
Origin: USA
License: proprietary license
Website: lotame.com


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Current product score: 8.6


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Key Features

Data onboardingYesBring your owned and managed CRM, subscription or other offline data sources online to be matched with other data in a privacy-compliant manner
Identity graphYesLotame Cartographer is the people-based ID solution
Audience insightsYesAudience Analytics provides a 360 degree view of your audiences, allowing you to better contextualize the who, what, where, why and how of your target audiences or customer segments.
Audience creationYes
Data marketplaceYes
App marketplaceYes
AI modelingYes
Open APIYesAPI data collection
Data usage reportsYes
Cross-device targetingYes
Web data ingestionYesTools to easily collect and organize event-level data — such as clicks, searches, video views — from consumer interactions with your sites, apps and content across desktop, mobile, and connected devices.
Mobile data ingestionYes
CRM data ingestionYes
1st party cookies collectionYes
Others identifiers collectionYes
Raw data exportYes
Taxonomy managerYes
Data sharing
Consent ManagementYesConsent Management tool provides you with the ability to communicate and manage the application of consent information to the functions provided by the platform
On-Site Ad Servers
On-Site SSP's
Integration MediaMath
Off-Site Data Activation
A/B Testing Platforms
Other Integrations
Hashed identifiers onboarding
Support for fingerprinting

Privacy and security

Data OwnershipYes100% data ownership
Data anonymisation techniquesYesNo PII collected, all data anonymised or pseudo-anonymised
Data deletionYesDelete data when requested
Data center locationUSAData is stored outside EU region (USA)

Strenghts / Weaknesses

-Servers located in US

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