CDP Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a piece of software that collects, combines 1st party data (customer own) from multiple sources to create a single view of your customers and make it accessible to other systems. That database with customers can be segmented and activated in more personalized campaigns. The brand new data source introduced to CDPs, that differentiate the tool from classic CRMs are behavioural data acquired from web pages, mobile apps, and number of other internet connected devices.

The CDP captures data from multiple systems and creates a comprehensive view of each customer. It links information related to the same customer, and helps to track behavior over time. CDPs can work with data gathered by a company’s own systems and stitch them with external technologies to reach them there.

Types of CDP

One of the roles of CDPs is to restructure data, and calculate values to captured data. There are varied CDP types available on the market today. Learn more here.

CDP Customer Data Platform – top technologies


Tealium Audiencestream CDP comes with patented visitor stitching technology that constructs highly accurate, comprehensive and actionable customer profiles. Use the data within these profiles to define high or low value customers, key engagement insights, or milestones that can then be used to create audiences.


Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform combines customer data from online, offline, and third-party sources to create a single, dynamic, real-time view of each customer. It applies machine learning to prescribe the best next action within any existing business processes.


Real-time Customer Data Platform from Adobe Experience Cloud helps you unifying and activating people and account profiles in real time. You can collect, normalize and unify all known and unknown individual data and company data into robust people profiles.


Segment collects events from your web & mobile apps and provides a complete data toolkit to every team in your company, unifies your customers’ touch points across all platforms and channels.


Customer 360 Audiences captures, unifies, and activates your audience data to deliver more personalized customer experiences. Create a unified customer profile across all touchpoints by connecting customer identities, data, marketing journeys, and privacy management.

Coming soon: mParticle