Outstanding Marketing and Advertising Technologies Supporting your Business

There are nearly 7,000 tools to help you in marketing and advertising. Here you got the selection of best marketing and advertising technologies grouped by categories.

Top CDP you should take into consideration in 2022

A customer data platform (CDP) helps you capture data from every customer interaction, and then consolidate it into user profiles and audiences, and connect the data with tools you use in your marketing activities.

The leading CDP providers: Tealium, Oracle, Segment, Adobe, Salesforce.

Top Marketing Automation platforms to boost your business in 2022

Gain the power and flexibility you need to target your customers, engage them at scale, design awesome experiences and nano-personalize messages.

The leading vendors include: Oracle Responsys (B2C), Oracle Eloqua (B2B), Emarsys, Hubspot, Marketo, Mautic.

DMP – still an important tool – check top ones

Connect all digital consumers’ breadcrumbs that can be found in different marketing technologies, that you use nowadays into a single source and full knowledge of all digital experieces of your customers.

Here’s our list of top DMP technologies you should consider in 2022. The leading DMP providers: Lotame, Oracle, Salesforce, TheAdex.

Top 7 digital analytics software you should consider in 2022

What are the best digital analytics tools? Here’s our top 7 list: We’ve gone over lots of the best data analytics platforms. They are described by niche, industry and features. Where possible, we include prices. Some good data platforms are even free.

Leading providers: Matomo, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Oracle Infinity, Open Web Analytics.

Event Stream

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You need to integrate customer data before you can use it. There are a few different types of data integration and methods to do it. Data stream tools consolidate and integrate data, which involves taking data from multiple sources and storing it in a central data warehouse.

Leading providers include: Tealium, Oracle Infinity, Matomo, Segment.

Conversion optimization

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Track and analyze customer behavior across channels and devices to create tailored, engaging, and seamless experiences to optimize your marketing effort and achieve business goals.

Marketers can bring customer data into focus to deliver the most relevant, personalized experiences with simple A/B testing, complex multivariate campaign deployments, advanced customer statistics and server side testing.