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Let's move to a new era of 1-to-1 marketing

If you are looking for a marketing automation tool to reduce all your marketing efforts and integrate your existing CRM, this is the best one. You gain a greater understanding of our market segments. Eloqua will bring you into a new era of one-on-one marketing. With built-in sophisticated tracking solution it will help you to deliver knowledge of interests and intents of every of your customers, name by name.
Supported by OMC tools it gives really multi-channel marketing automation possibilities to nurture leads and customers. Your leads and customers will see messages most relevant to their challenges not only in email, but on your website, in your social media channels, in text messages, on outboud cc calls. Moreover, your audience social activities could also be embeded into customer’s profile.

Channels that you can use


social channels



app push


web push

messengers (soon)

Machine learned real time personalization

Send really personalized messages, 1:1. Real-Time Personalization enables marketers and merchandisers to deliver content that is optimized and tailored for each visitor, based on a real-time understanding of the visitor’s behavior and contextual data.  Without coding, dragging and dropping, building scenarios and campaign flows. It is fully automated.
On the basis of available user attributes, i.e. his interests and undertaken actions system prepares and selects offers, advertising, content or notifications, and sends them to a specific, defined group of recipients via e-mail.
We address the most common moments of customer’s life cycle, e.g. welcome message, abandoned session, abandoned shopping cart, first transaction, coupon, We miss you, We miss you very much.

What you can do with MA?

all of your marketing campaigns automated
right content to the right customer at the right time in the right channel
clean up your data on-the-fly with powerful data programs
coordinate and automate email sends for hundreds of campaigns
develop and execute form strategies  to get more data about the customer
one place to view all of your  campaigns and to organize the database
execute other batch/one-time promotional sends
track visitors on your web site, learn behavior and score them on-the-fly

Release the power of Eloqua

Eloqua is a very powerful product to help you with automation of all your marketing and demand generating activities. With Eloqua you are able to create and schedule multiple campaigns, just “set and forget“ scenarios, which are extremely helpful.
You can synchronize it with any CRM to upload and update contact, synchronize with video conferencing tools, manage events. You are able to clean up our data with Eloqua. You will work with advanced segmentation, filtering and scoring tools. Custom Data Objects, Program Builder, APIs, and Integrations make only imagination as the limit for possible usecases.
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Get in love with MA

Marketing automation platforms enable marketers to plan and execute automated marketing campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects. You will love them for how simple it is to build email campaigns and to send them to your target segments. The campaign canvas (campaign building workdesk) gaves a nice visual and understanding of the nurture path you are sending leads down. Ease to create landing pages and emails. Easy to manage your content marketing. Ease to report your efforts.
Eloqua - Centraals Marketing Automation

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