Personalized marketing for every contact? Automate it.

Streamline all tasks

With the capability to handle email campaigns, personalized outreach, and customer support, efficiently foster and connect with your clients using the exclusive platform designed to empower marketing teams of all scales.

Simplify Complex Automation with Ease

Effortlessly automate every aspect of your customer‘s journey while maintaining full control. From lead generation to closing sales, our automation tools empower you to do more, with less effort.

Utilize our AI-Powered Automation Builder to easily achieve your desired results just specify your goals and let AI handle the rest. Our platform offers a range of features including Triggers, Actions, and Goals, allowing you to set specific targets and easily track progress.

With split and conditional actions, implementing complex logic and creating smart automations has never been simpler.

Gain valuable insights from user behavior through our Site & Event Tracking feature, and use Split Testing to continually optimize your process and choose the best option.

With Predictive Sending, you can ensure your emails are delivered at the optimal time for your contacts to open them. Streamline your sales workflow with Sales Routing, and deliver personalized experiences at any scale through our 1:1 Email functionality. With our platform, complex automation is made incredibly simple.



Triggers and actions

Take charge of your automated campaigns By initiating, pausing, or adjusting your automations at the ideal moment, you can ensure a smooth customer experience. Our triggers, actions, and goals allow you to create seamless interactions by utilizing real-time insights on customer behavior to determine the start and end points of your automation.

Timing is crucial for successful campaigns. With our automation triggers, you can utilize your data to implement automated nurturing at the optimal moment.

Initiate an automation when a contact fills out a lead form to join your mailing list. Identify the most engaged contacts by tracking their opens and reads, and follow up with a personalized email or text campaign. Leverage event tracking capabilities to track user actions on your website and apps. Then, activate automations when they complete desired actions. If a contact‘s preferences change, set up automations to begin when a specific contact field reaches a certain state.

AI Powered Automation

Maximize productivity with AI. Simply input your desired outcome, and our advanced AI-powered builder will handle the rest. Using cutting-edge language processing technology, we transform your prompt into a fully functional automation.

Need to incorporate pauses? Just specify the duration between each step, and our AI tool will seamlessly integrate a wait module. For multiple objectives, our AI Builder can accommodate a numbered list within the prompt. This way, your automation will be tailored to meet each goal in the designated sequence.

Within seconds, your automation will be ready for use. And feel free to make any adjustments or fine-tune the final result to your liking.

AI powered automation

Conditional actions

Put your automations to the test and uncover key insights. Determine the ideal wait time for a follow-up message, whether emails or SMS messages are more effective, and which offer drives more purchases. Split your automations and experiment with two distinct routes to maximize clicks and engagement.

Enhance the effectiveness of your email content by tailoring it to each contact. Create an automation path that concludes when a specified time or number of sales is reached ideal for limited or time-sensitive offers.

Compare the usage and engagement of two different promotions by sending them out separately and tracking their performance. With automation branches, the possibilities for testing various campaign ideas are endless, knowing you can always revert back to the previous version if needed.

Behavioral tracking

Are you struggling with retaining visitors on your website? Utilizing site tracking allows you to gain insight into the products, services, and information that your contacts are interested in.

With this information, you can effectively follow up and convert more customers. By discovering when and why leads and customers are leaving your website, you can take action to improve their experience.

Additionally, you can gather contact information and add their interests as tags to better target your audience. With our WordPress plugin, you can start tracking in just minutes with a few simple steps.

No matter what platform or content management system you use, we provide the necessary code to set up site tracking. For even more detailed data, you can integrate your Google Analytics information.


Tests, tests, tests

You can test almost anything with our deep capabilities, giving you complete control over your campaigns.

Here are a few key tests to help you get started. Finding the perfect subject line can be challenging, but our split testing allows you to determine which one your audience prefers to click on. Try swapping out content blocks to see which version of your email yields the best results.

Experiment with shorter paragraphs, line breaks, and different headings to see what works best. Determine which types of media are most engaging to your audience static images, gifs, or embedded video clips. Finally, compare various elements of your call-to-action, including copy, button format, placement, and frequency, to optimize your results.



Enhance Your Email Strategy with AI-Powered Timing

Utilizing advanced AI technology, you can now ensure that your emails are delivered at the most impactful moment for your audience. Unlike other platforms that simply recommend sending during regular business hours, our predictive sending delves deeper into your contact‘s engagement patterns. We utilize data from past interactions to determine the optimal time for sending.

For new campaigns or contacts, we even recreate this data using similar audiences.

Easily craft your email campaign using our intuitive builder and schedule it as usual. During the send process, select the option for predictive sending.

Our machine learning algorithms continuously analyze your contact‘s behavior to schedule the email at the best time for maximum engagement. Track real-time open and click-through rates using our reporting tools. Our predictive sending feature will automatically adjust sending times based on this data, ensuring optimal results for every email campaign.



Automate sales workflow

Streamline Your Sales Process: Automate Deals and Maximize Revenue

Our platform simplifies your team‘s workflow, improves customer interactions, and increases sales. With our automated sales routing, you‘ll save valuable time every week and ensure that each deal is optimized for maximum success.

Our system clearly defines roles and simplifies complex projects into manageable deliverables. Plus, you can use our sales automations and nurture campaigns to send notifications to your team when it‘s time to follow up.

With our Slack integration, you can easily send messages to individuals, channels, or groups. And, by taking notes directly within each deal and contact record, your entire sales team will always be on the same page. Upgrade your sales process with our efficient and user-friendly platform today.


1:1 personalization

Nurture stronger connections through personalized email communication. Utilize individualized emails to initiate, expand, and streamline personal dialogues with your contacts.

Create additional points of contact, receive threaded responses, and convert leads into loyal customers. Maintaining a consistent message across all interactions will strengthen your sales funnel. Increase clicks and engagement by consistently delivering highly-targeted email content to each contact.

Optimize your sales process by amplifying the impactful 1:1 conversations that drive business growth. Complement your other automated campaigns, such as newsletters and email nurturing, by incorporating 1:1 emails.

Strike the perfect balance between curated content and personal engagement. Accelerate the closing of deals by initiating more specific conversations. Dive into details quickly and focus on relevant topics.


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Frequently asked questions

Quality onsite search is important in ecommerce because it allows customers to easily find the products they are looking for, leading to a better shopping experience and potentially increasing sales for the business.

An onsite e-commerce search engine is a software or tool that allows customers to search for products directly on an ecommerce website. It uses advanced algorithms to deliver relevant and accurate results to the user.

Other advantages of onsite Intelligent Search include improved website navigation, faster search results, personalized recommendations for customers, and the ability to analyze and track the search behavior of customers for better business insights.

Onsite Intelligent Search is for any ecommerce business that seeks to improve their search functionality and enhance the customer experience. It can benefit both small and large businesses, as well as any industry that sells products online.

Onsite Intelligent Search can greatly improve customer satisfaction and retention by providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience. With accurate and relevant search results, customers are more likely to find what they are looking for, leading to a higher conversion rate. In addition, the personalized features of onsite Intelligent Search, such as autocomplete and product recommendations, can enhance the overall shopping experience and encourage repeat purchases.