Top CDP TECHNOLOGIES you should take into consideration in 2021

What are the best CDP tools to consider? Here’s our list of top 5+.

We’ve check  lot of CDPs. We have discovered that not all of them could be  called a CDP. We present a short selection of CDP platforms to be considered in 2021.

Top Data Management Platforms (DMP) in 2021

Get control over your website and marketing data from the tech giants with an easy to use DMP platform. Build retargeting campaigns in seconds. Own all your data you pay for.

Here’s our list of top DMP technologies you should consider in 2021.

Top 7 digital analytics software you should consider in 2021

Is there any analytics system beyond Google Analytics?

What are the best digital analytics tools? Here’s our top 7 list: We’ve gone over lots of the best data analytics platforms. They are described by niche, industry and features. Where possible, we include prices. Some good data platforms are even free.


One of the hottest questions in digital marketing in 2021. What is the right answer to audience management problems caused by fading 3P cookies out?

Learn the difference between these two  audience technologies and get the answer.


Marketing Automation

Digital Analytics

Affiliate Marketing

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