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Bluekai DMP

Connect all digital consumers' breadcrumbs into a single source of full knowledge about behaviour of your customers.

The Adex DMP

Manage, activate, analyse and collect user data from various online channels to achieve efficient digital marketing.

Unity CDP

Customer Intelligence Platform brings together online, offline, and third-party data to create a single, dynamic view of the cust.

Marketing Automation


Target your customers, engage them and design awesome experiences and nano-personalized messages.


One platform to automate delivery of relevant, engaging experiences across all devices, channels, and lifecycles.

Open MA

Build powerful campaigns in minutes with automation and personalization easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Digital Analytics


Analytics, marketing automation and data management combined into a single tool? Empower your digital marketing.

Open Analytics

Enjoy the full benefits of a premium web analytics and conversion optimization tool. Get 100% of data tracked.



Get higher conversions with website testing and personalization. Make data-driven decisions on websites.

Retargeted AI

Get a tool providing smarter and personalized retargeted ads based on user behaviour and AI algorithms.



Efficient buying, planning and optimization of programmatic advertising - display, mobile, video, DOoH, addressable TV.


Use advanced targeting, online and offline attribution, and detailed reporting to gain more insight into the cust. journey.

Open Affiliate

A reliable, professional and accurate platform for managing and accounting performance and affiliate campaigns.




Modern CX Forum 23.10

Discover modern ways to connect with customers by using combined data and advanced personalization to build personal marketing contacts. Become a leader in customer experience

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Eloqua Maintenance 20.09.19

In order to maintain the highest level of availability and performance of the Eloqua infrastructure, Oracle is planning network maintenance on Friday, September 20th, 2019. The per pod schedule is...

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Eloqua release 19C

Concerns: Eloqua POD P04 The Release 19C rollout to POD P04 Eloqua instance will begin on Friday, August 23, 2019, at 10 pm, and will conclude by Saturday, August 24,...

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Marketing Headlines

Five Changes in Marketing

Five Revolutionary Changes in Marketing 1. PR is more important than advertising. 2. The category is more important than the brand. 3. The name is more important than the strategy....

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TV is data-poor and that kills it

Because the broadcast television industry is data poor (it only offers metrics about itself), this model has never been a complete solution for brand or lifestyle advertisers. In practice, an...

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