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Take control over your marketing activities! Finally! The integrated systems will allow you to control your data, to design and launch campaigns to identified contacts and unidentified users, on web, mobile, applications, to manage customer data, with a little support of AI and adaptive intelligence. We offer easily adapted for small, medium and large enterprises. Learn more and contact us.




Modern CX Forum 23.10

Discover modern ways to connect with customers by using combined data and advanced personalization to build personal marketing contacts. Become a leader in customer experience

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Systems update – Matomo 3.13.1

The following changes were introduced in January, 2020. We are planning to update all Matomo instances in the following days. Updates will not affect your tracking. In the new release...

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Eloqua Maintenance 20.09.19

In order to maintain the highest level of availability and performance of the Eloqua infrastructure, Oracle is planning network maintenance on Friday, September 20th, 2019. The per pod schedule is...

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Marketing Headlines

Five Changes in Marketing

Five Revolutionary Changes in Marketing 1. PR is more important than advertising. 2. The category is more important than the brand. 3. The name is more important than the strategy....

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TV is data-poor and that kills it

Because the broadcast television industry is data poor (it only offers metrics about itself), this model has never been a complete solution for brand or lifestyle advertisers. In practice, an...

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We are marketing and sales professionals with over 20 years of experience in marketing, analytics and martech + adtechs. We provide marketing technologies, onboarding and support.

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