Expert tools for publishers

Centraals has developed a number of tools to help publishers monetize their inventory and create additional stream of income through ecommerce activities. Moreover, our tracking solutions ensure all referrals get tracked to earn commission.

Our line of tools for publishers is called Serv. Read more about Commerce Serv, Content Serv, Audience Serv and Feed Serv.

Commerce Serv

Commerce Serv is our offers portal, that can be easily without any complicated coding embedded into every web site. Offers are browsable by all advertisers, categories or by any other feature, according to your request.

Commerce Serv is an autonomous product catalogue that requires no coding skills and no any updates on your site. A total seamless solution for your web site to monetize your traffic with ecommerce offers.

Content Serv

Content Serv is a set of several tools with L&F of your website that publish commerce-related content in your inventory.

It includes:

  • single product frames
  • product frames
  • product recommendations (AI powered)
  • autonomous commerce content (articles)

Content Serv | Autonomous Commerce Content is a sami-automated tool to create and publish commerce content in a seamless way. It’s powered by our AI algorithms.

Audience Serv

Audience Serv is a set of tools that help you drive customer acquisition at scale and under budget from sales channels.

Define your ideal target audience and we will build it for you. From there we can plan and execute customized campaigns to exceed your customer acquisition and revenue goals.

Feed Serv

Feed Serv is a product feed database that gives easy access to ecommerce products in different languages, across several markets. We can provide all top affiliate networks feeds – Tradedoubler, Awin, Tradetracker and Circlewise in a single tool. We can add any other source as well.

Feed Serv has been designed for all publisher types and sizes, can be customized through advertisers or categories and is available in a variety of file options.

Each feed has its own unique URL, so you can retrieve it as often as you like and keep the products on your site as up to date as they can be.