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  • Cookieless apocalypse slightly postponed
    The cookieless future was slightly postponed. Make yourself prepared to this important change – with 1st party data (Part Ii)
  • A cookieless future – 5 important steps to follow
    The cookieless future in digital marketing is coming and the way the industry will adapt seems to be clear now. We should prepare to this important change soon
  • Direct-To-Consumer – a brand new online model
    In this article we take an overview of direct-to-consumer trends and explain how producers can benefit from incorporating DTC into their own business plans.
  • Direct Mail – The Most Overlooked Digital Marketing Channel
    In he latest his post Jonathan McClure from claims that direct mail has adopted many new tricks, tips and tactics over the years. With digital printing, smart presses, and integration with other channels, it can mirror much of the functionality from digital.
  • CDP Best Practices
    Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) has emerged lately as one solution for understanding individual customers and delivering an enhanced customer experience. Problem of CDP best practices was covered by John Rampton – an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru, and startup enthusiast on Oracle blog. Let’s start with a single view. A CDP get data from varied… Continue reading CDP Best Practices
  • Marketing Automation and Lead Generation
    Michael Azrikan, a Digital Campaign Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud for Oracle has published a short study how personalization and relevance come together to make lead generation campaign more robust and successful. Marketing automation strategy can help garner better results. Content is important in driving sales and most of customers found custom content useful.There are 3… Continue reading Marketing Automation and Lead Generation
  • Centraals starts online courses
    Everybody is about to start online learning. It is already done by millions of students around the world and it will continue. Centraals decided to enable its training program in a virtual form as online courses available on site. You can experience new features within each digital learning subscription. From skills checks to hands-on labs… Continue reading Centraals starts online courses
  • You may be violating users’ privacy with GA
    With a third party analytics platform you run the risk of losing your customers’ trust and damaging reputation. More and more people are aware that their data is used for Google’s “own purposes” when you allow them to track your customers. You can use Matomo analytics without needing to ask for consent. Every website using… Continue reading You may be violating users’ privacy with GA
  • Redesign your taxonomy and rules of DMP Bluekai
    Redesign and upload your taxonomy and ingestion rules at a massive scale
  • Data for Breakfast edition Mar 2020
    Data for Dinner by Centraals and Oracle. Come, Learn, Discuss, Eat, Meet in Athens on 25th of March 2020.
  • Get all your Matomo analytics directly into Google Data Studio
    Connect your analytics data from Matomo (former: Piwik) and push them to Google Data Studio in minutes with OMC Matomo Connector.
  • Data for Breakfast edition Jan 2020
    Data for Dinner by Centraals and Oracle. Come, Learn, Discuss, Eat, Meet in Warsaw on 14th of Jan 2020.
  • Modern CX Forum 23.10
    Discover modern ways to connect with customers by using combined data and advanced personalization to build personal marketing contacts. Become a leader in customer experience
  • 1st party cookie – to fret, or not to fret
    More and more browsers – including Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox – prevent the setting of cookies by third-party domain requests, and in the near future, third-party advertising cookies will probably not be support at all.
  • Data quality impact on marketing efforts
    How data quality can improve your marketing efforts by Paul Teshima
  • How to predict what consumers would like to read in a MA?
    Big data and machine learning algorithms empowers nowadays lots of decision making processes. Now also empowering modern marketing today.
  • A glossary of martech terms
    A glossary of martech terms. All the basics you need to know to start understanding marketing technologies.
  • Martech Meetup II Gallery
    Check the gallery from the 2nd Martech Meetup