CDP Best Practices

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) has emerged lately as one solution for understanding individual customers and delivering an enhanced customer experience. Problem of CDP best practices was covered by John Rampton – an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru, and startup enthusiast on Oracle blog.

Let’s start with a single view. A CDP get data from varied sources. At the initial stage you should plan how to get a single view of the customer from this data. There are several processes to be set. As in every multisourcing analysis we start with standardizing data. You should also decide what type of information you should have to deliver a personalized experience in the future.

Understanding of compliance standards and data governance, such as GDPR regulations should be the next step. It dramatically impacts what we can collect, although we probably would like to collect even more.

John Rampton claims that the rest of the company should also understand and embrace a CDP, whether the participation is sharing data or exchanging findings with other units, departments, and stakeholders.

It is also good to plan how to measure CDP success for the tool is not directly responsible for bringing in revenue.

When you determine how you want to measure success, it’s ideal time to research CDPs and select one that uses artificial intelligence to help automate the personalization process.

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