You may be violating users’ privacy with GA

With a third party analytics platform you run the risk of losing your customers’ trust and damaging reputation. More and more people are aware that their data is used for Google’s “own purposes” when you allow them to track your customers.

You can use Matomo analytics without needing to ask for consent. Every website using Google Analytics in EU needs to display a consent message to agree or disagree to. It is not necessary when you using Matomo. Becasue you have got full ownership of your data and do not share your data with any 3rd party tech giants. Google is using your data for their “own purposes”.

Advantages of Matomo Analytics

  • You have complete data ownership with Matomo. And you do not have any data ownership with GA. Google has the right to retain and use the data you collect.
  • You know where your data are stored and you have full access to it. GA doesn’t give any information where your data is stored.
  • You do not even need a consent screen with Matomo. But you must show a consent screen when using GA. Not having a consent screen could negatively impact your business as they may annoy and even discourage visitors from visiting further your website.
  • You got more accurate data with Matomo since less users can decline tracking and since adblockers and browsers tends to block known trackers as GA.  With Matomo you’ve got 100% of your data tracked and reported.
  • Matomo is onboarded with an internal privacy protection tool. Once configured you can use it without needing to ask for consents and fully respect privacy of your users.