You may be violating users’ privacy with GA

With a third party analytics platform you run the risk of losing your customers’ trust and damaging reputation. More and more people are aware that their data is used for Google’s “own purposes” when you allow them to track your customers. You can use Matomo analytics without needing to ask for consent. Every website using […]

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Connect Matomo to Google Data Studio
Get all your Matomo analytics directly into Google Data Studio

Connect your analytics data from Matomo (former: Piwik) and push them to Google Data Studio in minutes with OMC Matomo Connector.

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1st party cookie – to fret, or not to fret

More and more browsers – including Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox – prevent the setting of cookies by third-party domain requests, and in the near future, third-party advertising cookies will probably not be support at all.

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