TheAdex DMP

TheAdex DMP is a self-hosted data technology solution for managing, activating, analysing and collecting user data from various online and offline channels to achieve a more efficient way of digital marketing.

TheAdex collects data from every possible source – from desktop and mobile to HBBTV… Uses different options to track predefined attributes that can vary from standard information such as demographics or psychographics to customized characteristics.

ADEX DMP is a data technology solution for managing, activating, analysis and collection of user data from various online and offline channels to achieve more efficient way of digital marketing. Maximize your marketing ROI by precise target group segmentation and a corresponding data transfer to the right Exchange depending on your individual needs.


Pricing: upon request
Pricing model: Paid
Free / trial option: no


Vendor: The ADEX GmbH
Founded: NA
Origin: Germany
License: licensed


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About DMP

DMP enables targeting the right consumers at the right time and improves the marketing efforts and simply saves millions on media budgets.

Key Features

Data onboardingYesConnect offline data to online campaigns
Identity graphLimited capabilities
Audience insightsNoLimited audience analytics reporting
Audience creationYes
Data marketplaceYes**Restricted to Germany only
App marketplaceNo
AI modelingYesLook-a-like, act-a-like and twinning. It can find relevant signals in your own universe beyond current standards with Audience Extension.
DeliverabilityUp to 85-90% data deliverability into the top Ad/MarTech destinations
Open APINoAPI available, limited functionality
Data usage reportsNo
Cross-device targetingYesCross-device targeting allows to unify campaigns across different types of mobile devices.
Web data ingestionYesJS, API, PHP, others
Mobile data ingestionYes
CRM data ingestionYesAPI, batch file transfer
1st party cookies collectionYesCollects any identifier
Others identifiers collectionYesTV devices, gaming platforms, other hashed indetifiers
Raw data exportYesAPI, batch file transfer
Taxonomy managerYesAudience builder available online (data model not based on regular taxonomy tree)
Data sharingYesData sharing is possible on every level if desired. Therefore each instance can be handled as an autonomous instance without contact to others, can be shared with other The ADEX clients or can even be monetised via external platforms.

Targeting partners

Google DV 360YesGoogle SearchNo
TheTradingDeskYesActive AgentYes

Privacy and security

Data OwnershipYes100% data ownership
Data anonymisation techniquesYesNo PII collected, all data anonymised or pseudo-anonymised
Data deletionYesDelete data when requested
Data center locationEUData is stored inside EU region (Germany)
GDPR compliant (EU)Yes

Strenghts / Weaknesses

Simplicity and availability for small and mid size ecommercesWeaker international presence and brand awareness
Bidirectional raw data transferLack of buil-in analytical capabilities within the product
Data center located in EU (Germany)API access and batch file data export/import charged separately
Targeting based on basic analytical data does not require additional tools and data exchange
Built-in flexible tracking based on 1st party cookies, among others
Media agnostic

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Product tours

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Additional product information

The ADEX Data Marketplace is an independent solution for the sale of data that a customer can offer other customers on a marketplace, such as segment-based data and attribution data. The customer will be given the opportunity to set a prize for their segment and decide whether they want to offer it public or only for certain customers.

Data marketplace available for Germany with data partners such as Bertelsmann, GameStop, Discount24, and others.