Adobe DMP

Adobe Audience Manager is the DMP offering within the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and the leading DMP in the market according to the latest report from Forrester. Audience Manager is a next-generation DMP that works with emerging data sources and a multitude of experience-oriented technologies to better define and activate high-value audience segments.

About DMP

DMP enables targeting the right consumers at the right time and improves the marketing efforts and simply saves millions on media budgets.

Data updated: May 2021


Pricing: upon request
Pricing model: Paid
Free / trial option: no


Vendor: Adobe Inc.
Founded: 1997
Origin: CA, USA
License: proprietary license
Phone: 1-408-536-6000
345 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110 United States


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Current product score: 8.1


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Key Features

Data onboarding
Identity graph
Audience insights
Audience creation
Data marketplace
App marketplace
AI modeling
Open API
Data usage reports
Cross-device targeting
Web data ingestion
Mobile data ingestion
CRM data ingestion
1st party cookies collection
Others identifiers collection
Raw data export
Taxonomy manager
Data sharing
Consent Management
On-Site Ad Servers
On-Site SSP's
Integration MediaMath
Off-Site Data Activation
A/B Testing Platforms
Other Integrations
Hashed identifiers onboarding
Support for fingerprinting
Support for server side cookie

Privacy and security

Strenghts / Weaknesses


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