How to predict what consumers would like to read in a MA?

There are several factors that marketers nowadays have to take into consideration. First of all consumer journey became nonlinear. It takes days, weeks or even months to finalize the process from the consumer point of view. During that process consumers generate terabaytes of data. We came to the next factors that should be considered – big data and machine learning algorithms empowers nowadays lots of decision making processes. Now, all these empowering modern marketing today.

Real time Big Data challenging marketers

The biggest challenge marketers face nowadays is processing data in real time, creating and nurturing demand in milliseconds after the consumer’s digital body language breadcrumbs were noticed by the systems.

We came to predictive marketing – the application of data science to automated marketing scenarios. Predictive modeling guides marketers to the campaigns that create the highest engagement and produce the highest revenue. When it comes to marketing orchestration suites, consumer journeys can be nowadays assisted with scientific processes to optimize every interaction. Starting from right content, through right product to the right channel. With predictive engines it can be done in real time and at scale.

Predictive Content in Marketing Automation

Starting from today dynamic content in marketing automation suites does not mean a few scenarios targeted to a few audiences. It means one to one personalization predicted for each consumer separately based on his previous behavior and based on a collaborative insights from the whole customers base. Here comes deep learning algorithms that applied to the system can return proper content for the user for every channel used – whatever it is, email, push, sms, in-app or web page.

The basic benefit for marketing departments is consistent and relevant messaging to each customer separately. Managing and delivering the large volumes of content could be challenging in every marketing automation tool. But it is not only about time consuming tasks. Its about efficiency, more interactions, lower bounce rates, fewer unsubscribes or longer stays on web pages. Seems to be important for every marketer, right? It is about efficiency of your marketing channel by building engagement of your audience, and indirectly, final sales.

Several strategies can apply to predictive content recos to tune algorithms according to client goals. But the less limitations applied the better results can be achieved. Most marketers cannot imagine what drives people attention, what would they read and what would they click. Other consumers behavior is the source that empowers algorithms with necessary data that could be applied for graphics, text segments in the emails, content blocks on the web page, videos or even email title.