The highest time to switch to 1st party data

The cookieless future is coming and the way in which the industry will adapt seems to be more clear now. In this post I want to present our perspective and give an insight into how all of us could approach this important change. Here you got the next episode of our guide, about 1st party data.

Step 2. Switch to 1st party data

Leveraging more first-party data is more important than ever for all marketers. You could have been disregarding 1st party data, the sense of collecting and using them in your organization. You could be asking: why should I collect anything on my side if Google, or Facebook, or any other company on the planet could do it better than me? You could have been even disregarding GDPR. You could have been saying: it is complicated, nobody will understand it and I don’t care if dozens of other companies on the planet got more information about my users than my company got.

And now comes the change. 1st party data become even more crucial for you for nobody else could collect it so easily anymore. Therefore having tools and technologies that allow you to collect first-party data in multiple different ways makes you could float safely instead of drowning after a high wave came.