Redesign your taxonomy and rules of DMP Bluekai

You can easily redesign your taxonomy and rules implemented in Bluekai DMP with our Category Manager and Rules Manager.

What it does?

The Category Manager app runs as an independent service from DMP instance that manage, rebuilds and generate ready to upload file with your category tree. It works with Freeplane, a free, open source software application for creating mind maps available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux [].

Rules Manager App manages your data scope attributes and lin them with previously generated taxonomy. The apps build and keep all parent-child relations, manage all current IDs, current parent IDs and related data ingestion rules.

App type

External, available via an external web service

Key features

  • Design and create new taxonomy nodes
  • Manage your taxonomy and relations between nodes
  • Link your taxonomy with ingestion rules
  • Manage and upload data ingestion rules

Use the apps to ensure your marketing team is capable to build and manage your DMP at a massive scale without support of any external consultants.

How to order?

Ask about Taxonomy Manager and Rulers Manager here.