Get all your Matomo analytics directly into Google Data Studio

Connect Matomo to Google Data Studio

Connect your analytics data from Matomo (former: Piwik) and push them to Google Data Studio in minutes with OMC Matomo Connector.

You should start with creating a new data source in Google Data Studio with OMC Matomo Connector. To connect your account to OMC Matomo Connector check your email where you get instructions how to get the connector to your dashboard.

Choose your report in Matomo, e.g. Visits Over Time from the main dashboard.

Select “export this datasets in other formats”. Select JSON format and copy the export URL from the bottom of the window.

Add the URL into the connector parameters. You should change a date rage to #date#,#edate# to make your report dynamic (then you will be able to select reporting dates). Check the other checkboxes to make these parameters accessible directly from the report. You will be change data granulation, number of reported data and the site (if you have more than a singe one) directly from your report.

Connect your data to view your dimensions and metrics. You can change data type if needed.

Take into account that all percentage data are exported as a string (e.g. Bounce Rate) and you can convert them to a number with a simple function:

CAST ((LEFT_TEXT(bounce_rate,2)) AS NUMBER)

Feed data from any report type including timeline reports, channels, keywords, campaigns and others.