Tealium CDP

Tealium CDP is a tool that helps in building a unified single view of the customer and to manage customer experience across channels. It provides capabilities combining identity resolution, data enrichment and cross-channel audience management. It comes with Tealium iQ Tag Management System (TMS), Tealium EventStream API Hub and Tealium DataAccess data storage and delivery.

Data sources

Tealium AudienceStream captures data from multiple online and offline sources and merge it together across those sources. It simply helps to find opportunities for marketing to customers. It is helpful in standardizing a data layer across the sites and profile enrichment, allowing offline attributes to be brought back into the browser and be used to power a new level of personalisation.


Tealium will help you in segmenting visitors across websites and mobile apps. It offers up an easy to use interface to set up custom segments to enhance your customer targeting. You can create audiences and attributes for targeted marketing and personalisation. It enables organizations to generate rich customer insights that can be used across the entire tech stack leveraging integrated customer data infrastructure. Then these audiences could be pushed into different marketing platforms (social, email, website, etc.).

Identity resolution

Tealium uses patented identity resolution technology and it is quite strong within Tealium, but is limited to deterministic identity matching only. Probabilistic models are not available, similarly to other technologies. Tealium is capable to bridge the gap between client side and server side tracking. It makes the difference to tag management tools in area of tracking, where TM are restricted to client side space.


AudienceStream CDP also offers Tealium Predict ML, a premium feature adding predictive insights to the customer profiles in AudienceStream. With Predict ML, companies can predict the likelihood of their customers to perform any behavior tracked in AudienceStream.


It comes with over 1200 pre-built and customizable integrations, including native server-side API integrations. Provides its customers flexibility to get and deliver data from any technology. Connector integrations of in-app SDKs result with less app development work. Great server side integration with Facebook will help you deliver both a better client experience and savings in marketing dollars. Some integrations with programmatic-world apps could be still problematic.

Data updated: May 2021


Pricing: upon request
Pricing model: Paid
Free / trial option: no


Vendor: Tealium Inc.
Founded: 2008
Origin: CA, USA
License: proprietary license
Website: tealium.com
Phone: 1-858-779-1344
Address: 11085 Torreyana Road San Diego, CA 92121 USA


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Current product score: 7.4


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Key Features

Data onboardingYes
Identity graphYesTealium uses patented identity resolution technology and it is quite strong within Tealium, but is limited to deterministic identity matching only.
Audience insightsYesTealium will help you in segmenting visitors across varied environments.
Audience creationYes
Profile enrichment
App marketplaceYesOver 1200 pre-built and customizable integrations
AI modelingYesTealium Predict ML
3rd party data connectorsYes
Integration with DMP
Integration with programmatic toolsYesNative server-side API integrations with adtech market
Real time segmentationYesWorks in real time (not all targetting partners accept real time synchronization)
Cross-device targetingYesAbility to merge ID into a single identity, device ID, personal ID, cookie ID etc...and render it in real time
Behavioral scoringn/a
Prebuilt behavioral segmentsn/a
Real-time personalizationYesDelivers the right message at the right time to your prospects and customers, across channels, devices, and interactions
Performance reportsYes
Recency, frequency, RFM value analysis
Real time customers viewYes
Taxonomy manager
DocumentationYesOnline, community, support

Privacy and security

Data OwnershipYes100% data ownership
Data anonymisation techniquesYesAvailable
Data deletionYesDelete data when requested
Data encryptionYesEncryption of data during transmission and storage. Tealium's encryption guidelines stipulate common, well-known encryption methods such as AES 256, Triple DES, SHA 256 (preferably with Salt) and at least SSL / TLS 1.2.
Data portabilityYes
Data center locationEUTealium enables region-specific management of data flows so that customers can easily comply with specific regulations such as the GDPR.
GDPR compliant (EU)YesData Processing Agreement (DPA) reflects the requirements of the GDPR.
Private cloudOptionFor companies that are subject to the data protection and security regulations according to the HIPAA. The offering includes single tenant, enhanced security solutions to help ensure compliance. However, the private cloud is not intended for storing medical records.

Strenghts / Weaknesses

The supportCould be expensive
Integrations with many systemsNo scripting ability without the tool
Simlicity Can be difficult to use

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