Oracle Infinity

Oracle Infinity is a digital analytics platform for tracking, measuring, and optimizing the performance and visitor behavior of websites and mobile apps. Infinity is a modern webanalytics tool for cookieless world that brings you real time audience discovery and segmentation and enables data sharing with external apps (acting like a ETL tool). In this area funcionality of the tool overlaps with most CDP platforms tht makes it an interesting alternative for those, who want to start 1st party data adveture / CDP adventure" with something smaller."

Data collection and reporting

Collect web and mobile app activity data that interests you. As data is collected, it is sessionized, augmented, and evaluated to identify if someone is a previously known user or a new user. All your data is collected, processed, and available for analysis using Infinity's reporting UI and APIs in less than a minute. Get immediate feedback on campaigns or new content you just launched on your site.

Acion and Streams

Oracle InfinityStreamsUI provides access to view a continuous flow of real-time online activity enriched with visitor information. It is not a database. Rather, it is a stream of data that you can access as each event happens and then further process as needed. You can segment and filter streaming data on any collected attribute.

Action Center and integrations

Integrate in-session, customer-level data with action systems such as email service providers, CRM systems, and marketing automation platforms. Action Center enables creation, monitoring, stopping, and starting of connections. APIs enable integration with your business and marketing applications.

Custom reporting

Oracle Infinity is the most customizable analytics solution on the market, tailored to incorporate custom metrics, dimensions, reports & dashboards. Infinity Analytics unlocks the power of data for all users, with powerful ad-hoc data exploration, making iteasy to uncover patterns within the data that can be shared with extensive data exports.

Advanced Segmentation

Infinity Analytics empowers users to create simple or complex segments via an intuitive drag-and-drop paradigm within a single interface, without the need to write complex SQL queries.Any segment created can be used instantly for any view of the data and shared across the organization. Segments are historically relevant as well –any segment can be applied to the entire history of stored data.Segments may be created from nearly any collected parameter, custom or out-of-the-box. In addition, segments can be created based upon values of these parameters that occur for individual Events (page views), Sessions, or Users.

Data updated: July 2021


Pricing: on request
Pricing model: flat fee (tiers)
Free / trial option: no


Vendor: Oracle Inc.
Founded: 1977
Origin: CA, USA
License: proprietary license
Phone: 1-650-506-7000
Address: 500 Oracle Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 USA


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Current product score: 7.0


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Key Features

Campaign ManagementNo
Conversion TrackingYes
Form AnalyticsYesEvent stream
Goal TrackingYes
Keyword TrackingYes
Multiple Site ManagementYes
Pageview TrackingYes
Referral Source TrackingYes
Site Search TrackingYes
Time on Site TrackingYes
Ecommerce TrackingYes
User Interaction TrackingYes
A/B TestingYes
Channel AttributionNo
Customer Journey MappingYes
Performance MetricsNo
ROI TrackingNo
Social Media MetricsNo
Funnel AnalysisYes
Multi AttributionNo
No data sampling / 100% trackedYes
DimensionsYesOI currently supports upto five dimensions.
Split Testing
Statistical Relevance Analysis
Test Scheduling
Key Performance Indicators
Visual Analytics
First-party cookies by defaultYes
Media performanceNo
APIYesEasy integration of analytics data into your marketing ecosystem through built-in integrations and customizable APIs
Client IDYes
Real timeYesAll data is available within minutes and ready for streaming instantaneously.
Unlimited scaleYesUnlimited scale, flexibility and accessibility on a big data platform.
Individual level intelligenceYesAll data stored at the individual level
AccuracyHighAccurate, reliable visitor data and analysis with absolutely no sampling
Cross-channel insightsAvailableConnect behaviors across digital channels
SegmentsYesNew Dimensions, Measures, and Segments may be added at any time, with historical data immediately reflected with the new, recently added parameters.

Privacy and security

100% Data OwnershipYes
Data anonymisation techniquesYes
Delete visitor data when requestedYes
IP anonymizationYes
Data is stored in the EU (cloud)Yes
GDPR compliant (EU)Yes

Strenghts / Weaknesses

100% data ownershipDifferent concept of the tool from other webanalytics tools
100% tracked PV and eventsThe dashboard could be overwhelming at the beginning, not as intuitive as some of the in-market competitors
1st party cookie based
Customer journey analysis
A great tool for deep web/mobile app analysis.

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