Oracle DMP

Oracle DMP (formerly Bluekai) technology makes it easier than ever to understand your customers on an intimate level. Analyzing both first- and third-party demographic, contextual, and behavioral data about customers and campaigns allows marketers to hone in on who their customers are, and be able to separate them into targeted audiences.

Centralized data sources

Oracle’s Data Management Platform centralizes data sources, unifies identities, provides access to the industry’s largest 3rd Party data marketplace affording you a holistic view of your customers. Coupled with the greatest reach into the top advertising destinations, Oracle DMP unlocks endless data-driven, customer-first advertising possibilities. The result is quicker acquisition of higher-value customers while achieving greater ad-spend efficiencies.


• Data and identity unification in a central, secure, and private cloud-based platform.
• Onboarding, advanced segmentation, audience creation, modeling and taxonomymanagement available out-of-the-box.
• Enriched customer understanding though actionable insights.
• Integrations into Ad and MarTech ecosystems, across all channels and devices.
• Powerful, actionable campaign analytics for understanding audience reach, viewability, customer journey and sales impact.
• Private identity management, data sharing and monetization capabilities.
• Data Rights Management applied to 3rd party data marketplace, ensuring compliant data use.

About DMP

DMP enables targeting the right consumers at the right time and improves the marketing efforts and simply saves millions on media budgets.

Data updated: July 2021


Pricing: upon request
Pricing model: Paid
Free / trial option: no


Vendor: Oracle Inc.
Founded: 1977
Origin: CA, USA
License: proprietary license
Phone: 1-650-506-7000
Address: 500 Oracle Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 USA


Live / Online
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Current product score: 8.6


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Key Features

Data onboardingYesConnect offline data to online campaigns
Identity graphYesResolve disparate identities and deliver streamlined experiences
Audience insightsYesGain a 360 degree view of customer segments
Audience creationYesBased on collected and categorized data in taxonomy + Queryable Data Lake
Data marketplaceYesAccess to the industry’s largest 3rd Party data marketplace, restricted in EU
App marketplaceYesTargetting apps prebuilt and integrated, above 200 vendors available
AI modelingYesLook Alike Modeling leverages AI creating audiences for any KPI.
DeliverabilityYesUp to 90% data deliverability into the top Ad/MarTech destinations
Open APIYes
Data usage reportsYesReporting of usage of data, both by targetting channels and 2nd party data partners
Cross-device targetingYesCross-device targeting allows to unify campaigns across different types of mobile devices.
Web data ingestionYesJS, API, PHP, others
Mobile data ingestionYesSDK Android, iOS
CRM data ingestionYesAPI, batch file transfer
1st party cookies collectionYesCollects any identifier
Others identifiers collectionYesTV devices, gaming platforms, other hashed indetifiers
Raw data exportYesAPI, batch file transfer
Taxonomy managerYesTaxonomy manager and builder available online
Data sharingYes2nd party data partners and 3rd party data marketplace - Oracle Data Cloud
Consent ManagementNo
On-Site Ad ServersYesAdition / Adswizz / AdTech / DoubleClick for Publishers - DFPAudience / DoubleClick for Publishers - DFP Key/Value Pairs / Freewheel / IPONWeb / LKQD / Nativo / OAS / OpenX / SAS/AIMatch / Smart Ad Server
On-Site SSP'sYesDoubleClick AdExchange - AdX (via DFP) / Index Exchange (Casale) / OpenX / Pubmatic / Rubicon / Sonobi / Sticky Ads / Tremor
Integration MediaMathYesFlashtalking / Flite / Innovid / Sizmek
Off-Site Data ActivationYesActiveAgent AG / Adara / AdColony / AdForm / AdRoll / AdSquare / / Amazon Advertising / AOL ONE / AppNexus / Beeswax / Comscore / Criteo / DataXu / DoubleClick Bid Manager - DBM / Dstillery / Exponential / Facebook Custom Audiences / Google AdWords / Google RLSA / IgnitionOne / Infectious Media / InMobi / Instagram (via Facebook Custom Audiences) / Jivox / Lotame / Maxpoint / MediaMath / [m]Platform | GroupM / Netmining / Next Performance / OwnerIQ / Platform161 / Quantcast / RadiumOne / RocketFuel / Run / / Specific Media (Viant) / SpotXchange / Teads / The Trade Desk / TimeOne / Tradelab / Termore Video / TubeMogul / Turn / Twitter - Tailored Audience / Undertone / VideoAmp / Videology / Yahoo! DataX (replaced RMX pipeline) / Yieldlab / Zebestof
A/B Testing PlatformsYesAB Tasty / Acquia / Adobe Target / Maxymiser / Optimizely / Oracle Real-Time Decisions / Teradata Real - Time Interactions Manager / VWO
Other Integrations
Hashed identifiers onboardingYesOracle DMP has the ability to ingest your HEM-based data and onboard your hashed emails, hashed phone numbers.
Support for fingerprintingNoFingerprinting was deprecated in 2019 and no longer supported natively. Could be implemented on client's side.
Support for server side cookieNo

Privacy and security

Data OwnershipYes100% data ownership
Data anonymisation techniquesYesNo PII collected, all data anonymised or pseudo-anonymised
Data deletionYesDelete data when requested
Data center locationUSAData is stored outside EU region (USA)
GDPR compliant (EU)Yes

Strenghts / Weaknesses

Bidirectional raw data transferServers located in US
Global big data platform that is cloud-based, designed for B2B and B2C.
Built upon the industry’s largest and most accurate people-based identity graph enabling seamless experiences across unknown and known channels.
Home to the industry’s largest, native, third-party data marketplace unlocking robust audience insights and providing you immediate access to privacy-compliant audiences
Flexible and media agnostic, maximizing data integrations inbound and outbound and configurable to support unique business models.

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