Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. As of 2019, Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the web.

Measure what matters to you

Understand what works by measuring traffic sources, interactions with your content, and more. Create custom website goals that matter most to your business, such as signups or e-commerce purchases. See the impact of your digital marketing on your bottom line by measuring revenue, return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Build a complete picture

Get insights only Google can give. Tap into aggregated audience demographics like age, gender and country. Compare results by channel, like Search or YouTube, to see which marketing channels perform best. Understand the broader customer journey across devices (e.g. mobile and desktop), and make more informed decisions.

Data updated: July 2021


Pricing: freemium
Pricing model: freemium
Free / trial option: yes


Vendor: Google LLC
Founded: 1998
Origin: USA
License: licensed


Live / Online
In person


Current product score: 9.1


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Key Features

Campaign ManagementYes
Conversion TrackingYes
Form AnalyticsNoCan't be done without tracking events
Goal TrackingYes
Keyword TrackingYes
Multiple Site ManagementYes
Pageview TrackingYes
Referral Source TrackingYes
Site Search TrackingNo/Limited
Time on Site TrackingYes
Ecommerce TrackingYes
User Interaction TrackingYes
A/B TestingYes
Channel AttributionYes
Customer Journey MappingNo / Limited
Performance MetricsYes
ROI TrackingYes
Social Media MetricsYes
Funnel AnalysisYes
Multi AttributionYes
No data sampling / 100% trackedNo
Split TestingYes
Statistical Relevance AnalysisNo
Test SchedulingNo
Key Performance IndicatorsYes
Visual AnalyticsYes
First-party cookies by defaultYes
Media performanceNo
Client IDNo
Real timeNo
Unlimited scaleNo
Individual level intelligenceNo
AccuracyMedNo reliable visitor data, sampling
Cross-channel insightsNo

Privacy and security

100% Data OwnershipNo
Data anonymisation techniquesLimited
Delete visitor data when requestedNo
IP anonymizationYes
Respect DoNotTrack settingNo
Disable of Visits Log and Visitor ProfileNo
Data is stored in the EU (cloud)No
GDPR compliant (EU)No
PECR compliant (EU)No
CNIL compliant (France)No

Strenghts / Weaknesses

Free Data center located in USA
No ownership of data
No 100% data tracked accurately
No compliance with GDPR

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